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  • Hellbent - New RC Rock Bouncer by ProbuiltRC

    October 2019

    We just released the RC replica of the Hellbent buggy by Tim Cameron Racing. This buggy requires Axial Bomber trailing arms and the usual AR60 axles and SCX10 tranny. All components are placed upon the flat skidplate for a superlow COG.
    This RC rock buggy requires the ProbuiltRC steering ram system to grant proper suspension travel, link geometry and performance, and relies on a sturdy 3mm sway bar and four bump stops for improved stability and traction.
    The chassis feautured on the website was powder coated green instead of black upon customer's demand.

  • ProbuiltRC sponsor of the Italian Scale Nationals 2019

    September 2019

    Probuilt was among the official sponsors of the Italian Scale SORRCA and RCSRRS National 2019, where several ProbuiltRC rock buggies were entered.
    The College Funds buggy owned and driven by "Pablo" (pictured above) and the Hellraiser buggy driven by "Superclod" obtained respectively an overall 2nd and 4th place on the eighteen drivers who qualified for the RCSRRS finals, and a 3rd and 5th place in the Pro Rock Shooutout event.

  • Nutcraker - New IFS Buggy by Probuilt RC

    February 2019

    Unlike most of the Probuilt RC rigs and chassis, this is not a replica, and the first chassis to be built upon a pre-existing platform.
    The Nutcracker is an IFS/Trailing arms rig based on the Losi Rock Rey and was built for ProbuiltRC official Team Driver Pasquale Ruocco. For more info and pictures of the Nutcracker, check it out on the Chassis page...

  • Probuilt RC at Model Expo 2019

    February 26th 2019

    Probuilt RC will partecipate to Model Expo 2019, in the scaler area, where some of his rigs will be displayed.
    Team Probuilt RC drivers Pablo Pascucci and Pasquale Ruocco, will participate to the King Of Verona, respectively with the top winning Rock Buggy Replica College Funds, and the Nutcracker, the new IFS buggy by Probuilt RC based on the Losi Rock Rey platform.
    The rock racing event will take place during the two days of the expo, with races on Saturday and Sunday morning.